Cindy DuVall
Glass Artist

Cindy's spirited art work is inspired by her love of the sea. Keenly aware of the difficulties many people are experiencing globally, and moved by the trials of her own community, Cindy DuVall spends many hours in the studio making art to cheer the heart. 


 "I work with colorful glass brought to high temperatures to create beautiful vessels and wall hangings that reflect the light and lift the spirit".


Cindy is the Gallery Manager for the Collective Visions Gallery.

Tranquil Blue
12 x 24 wall mount on steel
Radiant Blue Heron
Fused Glass
10" x 24" panel on stand
Calm & Quiet
10" x 16" wall mount on steel
Salmon Blues
10" x 24"
glass salmon in metal stand
Blue Limitless
16" x 27" wall mount on steel
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