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Karsten Boysen


Karsten Boysen was born in Dickinson, North Dakota. He holds a BA and BA in Ed. from Western Washington University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington School of Art, 1970.

Boysen has had Percent for Art public art commissions in Alaska and Washington. His sculptures are found in private collections throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, Arizona, and London, England.
He operates Karsten Sculpture Studio in Port Orchard, Wash., where he resides with his wife Susan Giles.

“Art should really take your breath away,” said a recent patron at my show.  Public Art in the community is like road signs and stop lights for our streets and highways – without visible art, we may have chaos – our cultural values are memorialized and confirmed.


Art is all about mystery, stealth, and transformation – to reveal the dynamics of existence.


The materials I use are selected by a twist, a bend, a crumple – almost as if returning to a natural state. The movement echoes nature, and all of its phenomena.


My work emulates nature, and the essence of nature – something artists have known from time immemorial -- in the spiral, the DNA twist that imparts life to all things.


The spiral in space animates my art.


The mind is silenced, the self gets out of the way, and the work is allowed to express itself.


My public art includes Percent-For-Art commissions in Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. My sculpture was displayed at “Gallery Without Walls”, Lake Oswego, Oregon, the City of Napa, California Artwalk, in Des Moines, Auburn, and Olympia, Washington.

Currently “Dapne” is the Peoples’ Choice Award for Something New II, AHBainbridge and the City of Bainbridge Island."

Contact the gallery for information on availability and prices for my art.

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