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Bill Walcott

painter and colored pencil

Bill was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, but has lived in many different places over the past 80 + years. In grammar school and high school he was the “class artist,” but his “official” art training began at age 13, when he took a weekly evening class in drawing and oil painting from a local artist.


He has been drawing and painting intermittently since then, but other endeavors and professions intervened for much of that time, including working in the field of architecture, and later becoming a physician.Bill's painting style may be described as “contemporary realism.” He tries to imbue each painting or drawing with a spark of life and mystery. He does this through the use of unusual perspective, or by the use of dramatic light, shadow and color, and by trying to provide a feeling of harmony in each painting or drawing. There are many thoughts about the meaning of the word “harmony” in art, but Bill believes it is best described as the melding of unity (which is expressed by a repetition or a dominance of color, shape, line, value, etc.) and variety.


Most artists, Bill included, will spend a lifetime attempting to master this concept of “harmony” in order to produce art that is meaningful and universal.Over the years Bill has taken many painting workshops, given by known and respected artists. His most meaningful workshops were those given by Frank Covino, an outstanding nationally known artist, who taught all aspects of oil painting with an emphasis on the techniques of the Renaissance Masters. With Covino's guidance Bill's painting technique and knowledge of art continuously improved.

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