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Ken Lundemo


Washington native Ken Lundemo was born, bred, and educated in Tacoma and Bremerton. He holds an Associate Degree in Art from Olympic College and is largely self-taught in sculpture, welding, and carving. Ken has his home, studio, and kilns on a 20-acre wooded site near Seabeck. He draws inspiration from nature and the beautifully diverse countryside of the Puget Sound area, exploiting native materials as well as exotic imported wood and stone.

The human figure and wildlife provide many avenues for exploration and abstraction. The female form has been a favorite subject, with Ken creating drawings and sculptures focused on this theme for over fifty years. Wood-fired stoneware, porcelain pottery, and sculpture have preoccupied Ken since he built an anagama kiln many years ago. Squeezing in some stone or wood carving has been a challenge.

As a founding member in 1994, Ken has enjoyed watching the Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton become one of the best galleries in the Northwest.

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