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Suzy Kueckelhan

mixed media collage

I am primarily an abstract collage artist who also dabbles with acrylics and encaustics. Over the years, I have found these mediums best speak to my artist soul.  I draw all my inspiration from paper, paint and odd ephemera (aka “stuff”), but my real obsession is shape and design.

I don’t try to address the real world as we relate to it.  Instead, my inspirations start from foggy, inner feelings that can be emotional, intellectual or both.  I’m stimulated by manipulating “stuff”- shapes, color lines, textures etc. - to achieve structural balance.  I’m also inspired by architectural shapes, written language forms and my own illegible words. 

I think of this process as accessing my “inner eyes”. My goal for each composition is for it to show a subtle and quiet strength that gives the viewer a calm, relaxed feeling. My pieces have been shown and received awards in many local, regional and national shows, as well as overseas in Ireland and Kuwait.  They also are included in various private and corporate collections.

I taught art in a Seattle middle school after receiving a degree in Art and Art Education from the University of Washington.  After raising two daughters and my husband (just kidding), I finally had time to pursue my art, including serving as President of the Northwest Collage Society for over 10 years.

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