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Ann Vogel

mixed media artist

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I came to my wrapped rock art via a lifetime of travel and love of nature.

Inspired by gift wrapping traditions of Japan (mizuhiki, 水引), Korea (bojagi, 보자기), and China (zhongguo jie, 中国结), I use multiple techniques to wrap, weave, and knot natural fibers, sea glass, beads, shells, and sticks onto ancient stones that were shaped through millennia of volcanic, glacial, and sedimentary processes.

Most of the curated rocks in my collections have been shaped through their thousands of years of travel – scraped by glaciers, tumbled through river beds, and smoothed by ocean tides. Now, they serve as Zen-like meditation stones and a focus of calm and beauty.

I am happy to take commissions for wrapped stones from places special to customers, such as the stone wrapped with the curly grapevine from a loved one’s vineyard or another from an upstate New York estate along the Hudson River.
Instagram: @stonewrappings

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