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Don Turriaga


In Don's work you can see: dramatic light; a single sunray or sheets of light on the edge of a rainstorm. The morning of the first snow fall or winter's warm and low angle of light in the Pacific Northwest.The light shimmering on still water or the wet city sidewalks just after the rain stops.


Don was first introduced to photography in his freshman year in high school. Being recruited by one of those teachers in the basketball gymnasiums looking to get on your dance card for the fall classes. He would learn a lot from this teacher over the next 4 years. Developing his own B&W film and prints. Playing with flash bulbs, long exposures and eventually becoming the president of the school's first photography club.


In 2019 he invested in a Canon color printer, giving him the capability to print up to 13x19 inch prints on various papers. Usually, Don prefers to use a professional lab for a variety of reasons. The breadth of options that are available from a lab are amazing- anything from your standard 3x4 prints, canvas wraps and specialized metal to acrylic prints.

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