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Susan Blackburn


In my readings on Eastern philosophy, I came across a description of yoga that gave me a new perspective on life – and on art. It read: "Yoga is the union of opposing forces to create harmony and balance." This idea has been an underlying theme in my artwork ever since.

Many of the basic elements of art can be seen as opposing forces: organic versus geometric shapes, warm versus cool colors, positive versus negative space, etc. I use simple and abstracted designs to explore finding balance and harmony in my art work.

My materials consist primarily of hand-stained and glazed papers. I use a wide variety of papers (unryu, washi, archival tissue paper, vellum, etc.) to create elements with varying textures. Watercolors are used to stain the papers. Glazing allows me to layer transparent papers to create a sense of depth and mystery. I also enjoy adding found objects, leaves and other botanicals, fiber or textile elements, or anything that catches my eye and creates interest or movement.

CVG artist, Susan Blackburn
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