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Lou Hurlbut


I’m not certain what compels me to make art.  The desire has been there for as long as I can recall.  My oldest recollections are of sitting under the porch light on warm evenings copying Disney comic book characters onto discarded starched shirt boards. 

There were many years between then and now I made no art, being busy with family and career. 

Now I am here, retired from career, family busy with their family. With time again to make art and enjoy other passions; fly fishing-outdoors-travelling with wife and basenjis. 

Fortunately, there is much in common about these things.  When not fishing the stream, I’m inclined to make a painted sketch of it.  Then during Winter, warm and dry indoors, I can make big paintings from little ones. 

Next Summer, and for as long as I’m able, the cycle repeats.

CVG Artist, Lou Hurlbut
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