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Barbara Mills

mixed media artist

Known for her original prints, hand-made paper creations and mixed media, Barbara's work reflects her passions about the natural elements surrounding our world. She creates through fleeting images and color visions provided by nature that capture and communicate excitement or relaxation, or bring a smile or spark a thought or memory.


Being inspired by the various techniques she uses provides Barbara an exciting variety of possibilities for creating, from delicate imagery to bold vivid compositions. Her work varies from representational to abstract.Using intaglio and relief, her prints include etchings, collagraph, serigraphs, monotypes and embossing. She states: “Printmaking is both exciting and a challenge,” and she enjoys the suspense, anticipation, and satisfaction that develop as each step in the printmaking process contributes to that moment when the first print is finally pulled off the press.


To expand and enhance her possibilities for personal artistic expression, Barbara has learned to produce handmade paper, which she has developed into an art form, even designing her handmade paper into compositions to be used for her printmaking. Paper can be sculpted, molded into landscapes, have dyes added to it, etc. Materials gathered while out enjoying nature become incorporated in her paper and mixed media or collage work to create interesting textures as a further dimension to her art.Born in Bremerton and raised in Alaska, she returned and obtained her art degree while raising a family of six and then established her own art studio.


She has exhibited her work in solo exhibits and juried shows in the Pacific Northwest and internationally for the past 27 years, earning numerous awards. She has done commissioned work for the United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. Her works are included in many public, private, and corporate art collections.

CVG Artist Barbara Mills
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