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Here's a short review of past CVG Show Best in Show winners 

September 2023 at Collective Visions Gallery 
Thursday, August 31 through Sunday, October 1

CVG Featured Artist
 Vanessa Fadeff

Northwest Wonders

 “Wildlife and the natural world continue to be my favorite subjects. I often find myself captivated by their charm. It is in nature where I can completely unplug and saturate my thoughts in the present. Watching, studying, and appreciating its complexity, its beauty, and its mysticism, all of which nature evokes through its wildlife inhabitants.
I invite you to unplug, to be present, and experience the calm yet unpredictable excitement as you lose yourself in the presence of our Northwest Wonders."

In the Underground Gallery: Grit City
curated by Sherri Gamble
An exploration of the element of TEXTURE in art


Black Bear Solitude

GRIT2023 copy.jpg

Here is a preview of our September art:

Please join us for events at the gallery during September
First Friday  September 1, 5 to 8 pm  Refreshments served 
         Live music by Alex Winter
         In the portico: Lego printmaking art demo
                                  by Christina Bertucchi & Son


For more great events, workshops and demos, see our Calendar Page


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