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Sherri Gamble

plaster artisan

Sherri Gamble is a Bremerton based artist who channels her love of the physicality of artmaking. Texture is the under-current, as each form and surface creates a story of its own. In the studio, she is often found working with plaster and other gritty materials.

A plaster artisan by trade, she creates decorative plaster finishes for design projects both in the public and private construction project spheres. In 2017, she rooted herself in Bremerton through performing a large scale venetian plaster installation at Olympic College. The ability to develop a narrative through her artistry is what ignites and excels her work. It is her love of plaster that extends this medium into both ethereal surfaces and monuments of form.

Her passion for teaching also ignites curiosity in others through community art. For her, art-making is a way to preserve moments and instigate self-expression. In 2017, Sherri Gamble launched her passion for cultivating curiosity about mold-making and casting through her project “The Hand-Held Project”. Since then, she has done a variety of community outreach projects in both Seattle and Chicago.

Locally, Sherri’s passion for teaching and helping youth stretched into the classroom for a semester at Bremerton High School in 2023. She took this as an opportunity to connect with students and inspire them to create art for the public sphere. Her students created works of art for the Pacific Planetarium in downtown Bremerton and St. Michael Medical Center in Silverdale.

Through partnering with Collective Visions Gallery, Sherri wishes to continue her work in youth outreach. She is currently working on a Young Creative Entrepreneur program where students take a deeper dive into developing their works professionally and fostering supportive mentorship connections with seasoned creative practitioners at the gallery.

CVG Artist, Sherri Gamble
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