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Underground in June: Ghost Dance by George Aquiningoc

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition, Ghost Dance, hosted in June at the Underground Gallery at CVG. This will be the third time the Bremerton-born artist will showcase his work at our esteemed gallery. The artist has a deep affinity for CVG, making it his favorite venue for exhibitions. Although his second show was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this upcoming exhibit promises to be an extraordinary event.

Ghost Dance will feature large paintings alongside study drawings created in preparation for the event. The exhibit centers on the Native Ghost Dancers, offering a spiritual journey into the artist's ancestral history. The artwork explores the struggles faced by indigenous peoples, aiming to foster a shared understanding among viewers. The pieces educate about the Ghost Dancers' prophetic messages, spiritual resurgence, and the tragic Wounded Knee massacre.

Ghost Dance is a tribute to the resilience and spirit of indigenous peoples. The exhibit seeks to honor the artist's ancestors, making them dance with joy through this universal language of art.

Visitors can enjoy a dedicated bartender serving fine wine and cheese on opening night. Join us in June at the Underground Gallery at CVG for an unforgettable experience. Celebrate the art, history, and spirit of the Ghost Dancers with us.



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