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Underground in April: Lys Perhay, Dormant–A Journey of Repetition and Invisible Growth

In the CVG Underground Gallery,  Lys Perhay, Dormant–A Journey of Repetition and Invisible Growth

In late 2022 Lys was diagnosed with long covid. During this ongoing journey she has battled with an ever-shrinking world. She felt as though she was forced to become dormant. Things that were previously accessible no longer were including how she was able to make art. As she became more confined to her home, her garden became the majority of her world. The nurturing microcosm of her garden serves as the inspiration for this show. This work explores themes of time, dormancy, invisible growth and its quiet optimism, and repetition with slight variance.

The collection is comprised of botanical paper cuts and is a modern interpretation of papercut art. Paper cutting as an art form dates as far back as the 4th century. The plants are bright growing elements and set against a dramatic black background for maximum juxtaposition. Each piece is unique, hand cut from 100% cotton paper with scissors, then mounted with acid free adhesive on permanent grade black 98 pound backing paper.

About the Artist

Lys Perhay is an artist, designer, and historian from Eugene, Oregon. She received her BFA from Parsons School of Design in 2008 and her MS in Historic Preservation from the University of Oregon. She has been showing and working in the fine arts for two decades.

Lys’ art and design work is simple, approachable, and rooted in history. She draws inspiration from old objects made by other humans and the plants and animals of the Pacific Northwest. Her preferred mediums are handbuilt ceramics, rowdy paper mâché masks, still life pen illustrations, detailed gouache paintings, and paper cutouts


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