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Featured July Artist: Ken Lundemo, A Retrospective

We are delighted to celebrate the 93rd birthday of Ken Lundemo with a retrospective show of his work at the Collective Visions Gallery (CVG). This special exhibition runs from July 3 to July 28, 2024, and is a tribute to Ken’s enduring creativity and passion for art. Curated by Frank Carsey and Jenny Andersen, the show provides a unique opportunity to journey through the remarkable artistic legacy of this esteemed sculptor and potter. Join us for the First Friday Artwalk on July 5, from 5 to 8 pm.

Ken Lundemo, a native of Washington, was born, bred, and educated in Tacoma and Bremerton. Holding an Associate Degree in Art from Olympic College, Ken is largely self-taught in sculpture, welding, and carving. His artistic journey is deeply intertwined with the natural world, drawing inspiration from the beautifully diverse countryside of the Puget Sound area. His home, studio, and kilns are nestled on a 20-acre wooded site near Seabeck, where he works with both native materials and exotic imported wood and stone. Ken’s art often explores the human figure and wildlife, with a particular focus on the female form—a subject he has passionately depicted for over fifty years.

Ken’s expertise spans wood-fired stoneware, porcelain pottery, and sculpture. The construction of his anagama kiln many years ago has allowed him to create uniquely expressive works in these mediums. Despite the demands of pottery and sculpture, Ken also engages in stone and wood carving. As a founding member of the Collective Visions Gallery in 1994, Ken has played a pivotal role in its development, watching it become one of the premier galleries in the Northwest.

We invite you to celebrate Ken Lundemo’s incredible career and contributions to the art world. This retrospective is more than an exhibition; it is a celebration of a life devoted to artistic exploration and expression. Special thanks to Tom Kerr for providing images of Ken’s work.



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